Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
Virtual Reality or in short VR is a computer technology that use software to generate realisitc images and sounds to simulate a realistic virtual environment.
Virtual Tours are simulation of existing location allows you to tour a place from anywhere around the world.
RetinaVR is developing Virtual Reality Tours for Real Estate market to allow peopel to view properties without stepping out of their home.
Retina VR develop tours in 2 steps:
1. First our photographer visit the location and capture it
2. Then our developing team develop the tour and deliver it within 24 hours.
We upload tours to our database and give embeded code from which you can integrate it to your website or share it.
Yes you can, but make sure picture should be 360 pictures.
You can capture 360 pictures with 360 camera or you can also use Google Photosphere app.
We charge on the basis of how big a location is. For Real Estate market we charge on the basis of size of the property. Contact Us for more pricing details.
You need a Virtual Reality headset to view tours in virtual reality. Click on the VR icon to start virtual reality view.
You can buy virtual reality headset from any online shopping store.